H.P.O. Bone Meal 1kg

$21.00 inc. GST

HPO Steamed Bone meal is super high quality and sourced from only Bovine (not Porcine) origin. It is from a specific grade with lower Nitrogen, and higher Phosphorous and Calcium ratios with an NPK of approximately 2-17-0.


Full product description

A tremendous soil food, it suits both Vegetative growth and Flowering with the ability to promote Roots and Flower production.

It makes a great companion to our Blood meal which is a fast acting nitrogen source allowing you to blend your own custom combinations of “Blood and Bone”.

A little goes a long way with this ingredient.

Application rates can range from 1/2 to 2 Tablespoons (14 grams to 56 grams) per 5L of soil.