Pro Grow 2K Double End 1000w

$160.00 inc. GST

  • Compatible with 240V & 400V digital ballasts
  • Tuned for zero harmonic distortion between 80,000Hz to 120,000Hz
  • Phosphor tuned for accurate & brilliant colour rendition
  • Low iron quartz glass delivers the highest optical quality


1000W SE | 2K
600W & 1000W DE | 2K- Lamp Type: High Pressure Sodim

  • Kelvin: 2100
  • CRI: 30
  • Yield Factor: 100/100
  • Medicinal Factor: 60/100
  • Colour Expression: Red, orange
  • Colour Description: Dawn and dusk where plants utilise All available light
  • Best Used: The single lamp of choice for overall plant yield. Highest PAR output. Can be used for all stages of growth and flower, high favouring the late growth period and early to mid flowering period
  • Hot restrike: 6 mins