Powerplant MH 600w Grow Lamp 5034517200603

$80.00 inc. GST

Available in 250w, 400w and 600w. Slightly thicker than the HPS lamps, the Powerplant Retro range let you use just one ballast for grow and flower. Powerplant Retro MH lamps will work on MH or HPS ballasts, so with just one HPS ballast you can get the perfect veg and flower. They create white / blue light perfect for vegetative growth.


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  • High Output – 10% more light than standard metal halide lamps
  • Ideal output for optimised photosynthesis
  • Designed to operate on 250w to 600w MH or HPS magnetic ballasts, vertical or horizontal mount
  • With added blue in the spectral output for vegetative growth