Ozone Mini 03

$198.00 inc. GST

For a complete peace of mind, the Ozone Mini 03 Plug in Unit will eradicate the strongest odours leaving you with a stress-free life.

We suggest using this fantastic product as a secondary barrier outside of your growing area. The Mini 03 works best left on outside the grow space i.e in the hallway or in the same room if using a grow tent. Just simply plug the Mini 03 into the wall and it will do the rest.

No Refills Needed 

2 Year Limited Warranty 


Full product description

The Ozone Plug in is designed to be used as an alternative to fragranced plug-in products, rather than masking an odour use the
Ozone Plug In to remove bad odours. This unit requires no cartridges, so it is very cost effective to use. As the unit has
a pre-programmed timer, the machine can be used when the area is occupied.

This generator produces 7mg of Ozone per hour, likely the oldest and traditionally the most common use of ozone in the Hydroponic growing industry, is odour control. Ozone is extremely effective at reducing organic odours and is used in many applications for odour reduction/elimination. During the growing, cultivation, and processing of your plant odours are created that can be potentially offensive. In applications where neighbours are close by, or there may be aversions to any fugitive odours mini 03 is used as a very effective barrier!

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