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Bits can be sprinkled on the soils surface or mixed with potting soil prior to planting to kill fungus gnat larvae.


Soak 1 x 50g sachet with 3L pHed water. Immerse bti Bits (in nylon stocking) for 30mins. Apply treated water directly to soil or growing medium surface. Compost or discard used granules. This treatment controls fungus gnat larvae present in the soil at the time of application. Repeat weekly for three weeks. THEN Repeat treatment again if fungus gnats reappear.



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The active ingredient is called BTI (Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis). BTI is a naturally occurring bacterium that’s deadly to fungus gnat larvae.

Fungus gnats lay their eggs in the potting soil of houseplants and container plants, the larvae live in the moist potting mix. In the larval stage, the fungus gnat maggots can cause plant damage by eating plant roots. After about two to three weeks, the fungus gnat maggots pupate to become the tiny black adult gnats.