DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Granules 2L

$15.00 inc. GST

DE (same as DE Gnat) utilizes natural earth minerals (silica compounds) to prevent soil pests and improve substrate quality. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) creates an effective barrier at the top of the substrate with abrasive properties to deter fungus gnat (Scarid fly). DE is comprised of specially sized DE particles that control gnat and other various pests.



DE is made from ancient fossilized remains of a unique sea-kelp. This naturally refined compound provides many benefits for your garden. Not only for protecting plant roots, DE provides a natural source of silica and increases substrate aeration, while reducing compaction. DE also improves nutrient uptake and microbial activity, whilst acting as a thermal barrier against fluctuations in substrate temperature.

DE is also a good additive for specialist potting mixes (eg Bonsai, carnivorous plants etc.) or use as a replacement for perlite.

How to apply:

  • add a layer 3cm of DE on top of the substrate
  • Make sure all growing media (substrate) is fully covered at all times
  • Re-apply during the growing cycle to keep this physical barrier intact
  • Irrigate with care to avoid disturbing the protective layer of DE