Cocopeat Block 55L

$28.00 inc. GST

  • Super easy to use – Just pop the block into a large watertight container, add water and watch it swell up!
  • Really clean – No need to lug big dirty bags of loose compost around, this block can even be stored in a cupboard!
  • Versatile – You can use coco coir for seeds and cuttings, indoors, outdoors, greenhouse, garden & hydroponics
  • Natural – Made from coconut husks, plants love it
  • Lightweight, simple to store, delivered to your door


Full product description

Coco coir soil creates the perfect growing environment.  Our coconut coir block is the ultimate in convenience for the gardener as the amount of materials and accessories required is minimal. It is very clean to use with no spillage of dirty traditional soil and super compact compared to loose compost.

The coconut block is very lightweight at only 3.9kg so no more backbreaking trips to buy large bags of traditional peatmoss or compost. The coir soil is ideal for use in gardening indoor and out to get your seeds and plants growing. Just soak the brick with water in a large container then when it has swollen up, mix and fluff it up to create a loose open structured soil.

Use for your seeds, cuttings, clones, potting up, houseplants, hydroponics and in the greenhouse. It can also be used as worm and reptile bedding. Created from renewable and natural materials, our coco fibre blocks are made from waste coconut husk fibres that are a by product of the coconut plant food industry. There is no damage to the environment unlike with peat moss compost. Coco substrate has a high water holding capacity, a neutral pH, high Cation Exchange Capacity, and is free from pests, diseases and weed seeds. The coco fibre is odourless, pleasant to handle and uniform in composition.