Beyond Buds – Ed Rosenthal with Greg Zeman

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The official course book at Oaksterdam University

Hash, oil, dabs, BHO, rosin: these terms get thrown around a lot. The original edition of Beyond Buds set the standard for our understanding of cannabis concentrates and infusions.

Five years later, the cannabis industry has reinvented itself yet again—part art, part science, cannabis concentrates have a culture all their own.

This sequel to the original volume is the indispensable guide for anyone looking for perspective on the next generation of cannabis innovation and use.

Beyond Buds, Next Generation, helps readers understand cannabis extraction, processing and use:

  • Identify & distinguish various styles of cannabis concentrate — from CO2 and BHO to live resin to rosin
  • Preview the latest developments in dabbing gear, including the latest trends in vaporizing technology and high-end glass
  • Whether you’re a hobbyist or a seasoned professional, learn about the many techniques for cannabis extraction, ranging in complexity from simple cold-water hash to fractional distillation
  • CBD, topicals, tinctures and capsules. Learn how to harness and apply the active ingredients in cannabis for medical or adult use

335 pages
18 cm x 25 cm


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