VIVOSUN 6 Inch Grow Tent Ventilation Air Ducting Carbon Filter Inline Fan Combo Black

$280.00 inc. GST


Full product description

  • All-In-One Combo: This inline fan combo enables your ventilation system set up in a grow tent, which is ideal for cooling down heat from lighting fixtures and controlling hot and humid conditions.
  • Powerful Inline Fan: Made of galvanized steel, the 6-inch inline fan runs at a speed of 2450 RPM and produces an air flow of 390 CFM, with a noise level of just 34dB the maximum.
  • Premium Carbon Filter: Interior and exterior mesh construction provides 54% open area for free air flow; It is filled with 1200+ RC 412 Virgin Australian activated charcoal captures air contaminants effectively.
  • Multi-Layer Air Ducting: It comes with 3-layer construction–inner and outer layers are made of heavy-duty aluminum foil that is fire-retardant and its middle layer adopts PET thermoplastic.
  • 2 Rust-free Clamps: The kit includes a pair of clamps that are made of stainless steel, which are used for securing the connection between ducting and inline fan to keep the connected components in place.