Vitaponix – Vita Rooting DiP 100ml

$20.00 inc. GST

100% Organic – No Hormones. Vita Rooting DiP contains only plant-derived activators that stimulate root growth. The only way to multiply your best-performing plants without affecting F1 Hybrid.  Double action cloning, fast rooting, and protecting cuttings from disease infestations and rots.


Full product description

It has taken years of development to ensure that the plant-derived materials are extracted without solvents and formulated with food ingredients to achieve fast rooting and protection synergistically. It is combined with calcium from a natural source allowing the plantlet to build strength straight away. Propagate cuttings as usual and dip the 45-degree cut stem 1 to 2cm deep into the Root Torque rooting gel. Packed in a resealable bag for ease of use and re-use.  It has been proven to increase the root hair significantly compared to best sellers in the market. This allows the plantlet to have a head start ensuring strong establishment and reducing the potential to be infested with fungal growth. The plant-derived extract incorporated has natural fungistatic properties. A well-established plant always results in a better adult plant producing a higher yield.

How to use;

Clean surfaces and equipment to be used for producing the cuttings.  Prepare your cuttings by cutting them in the desired length with a 45-degree angle cut in the stem.  Dip the stem into the rooting gel and place it into compost or other growing media. Watch a robust clone grow!