Vitaponix l 2 Pot Recirculating System Complete Grow Kit 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m

$2,125.00 inc. GST

Gardis Tent 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m

2 x GroFan In & Out 125mm

  • For ventilation systems requiring high pressure, powerful air flow and low noise level
  • Casing is made either of durable ABS plastic or polypropylene with low flammability, UV- and corrosion-resistant properties
  • Special casing design enables easy dismantling of impeller and motor block without air ducts detaching to facilitate fan servicing
  • Double-speed single-phase ball-bearing motor with thermal overload protection is controlled with integrated

Ducting 125mm

Can Filter GT 425s 125mm

1 x Digi-Lumen Retro 600W LED – WITH BALLAST

Aquamaster pH & EC Pen 

The updated Combo Pen P110 Pro features a modern and robust housing. The improved software now ensures quicker readings of accurate measurements. You can easily replace the electrode should it be worn or damaged.


Hy-Gen pH Down 250ml

It’s recommended that you prepare your nutrient solution first and allow it to equilibrate; this can take up to 60 minutes depending on the size of your tank. Always add the required amount of pH DOWN to a small separate container of water and mix well before adding to your nutrient tank.

Oscillating Fan 150mm

Euro Clay 50L

2 Pot Recirculating System with Reservoir 


Vitaponix Vita Root 1L

VitaRoot is the key to establishing a strong, healthy root system. The final size of your crop is dependant on how efficiently nutrients can be absorbed and processed by the plant. VitaRoot contains patented technology that triggers the plant into rapid growth below ground via the increased mobility of key mineral elements. The result is an explosive root system that ensures maximum production above ground.

Vitaponix Vita Base 1L

VitaBase supplies all the essential minerals necessary to ensure maximum crop productivity. As a pure nutrient mix, VitaBase utilises the highest quality pharmaceutical grade components for fast assimilation. With the addition of VitaBulk, VitaBud and VitaFinish during flowering, VitaBase provides the perfect range of NPK ratios from start to finish.

Vitaponix VitaBud 1L

VitaBud ignites the final phase of floral production within your crop. During the last two weeks of flowering a crop can often stall and fail to produce to its full potential. The unique patented technology within VitaBud ensures a higher rate of photosynthesis which in turn leads to an increase in sugars.  Increasing in size and density right up to the last week of the flowering cycle for maximum production.

Vitaponix VitaBulk 1L

The profile of plant nutrients required for heavy flowering and biomass production changes remarkably from the middle of the 12hr cycle. The addition of VitaBulk to VitaBase changes the NPK ratio and provides the extra potassium and phosphate the plant needs for this critical phase.

Vitaponix VitaCal 1L

VitaCal effectively increases calcium absorption resulting in strengthening plant cell walls and inducing tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses. VitaCal improves cell functionality and optimizes plant physiological processes for growth and development resulting in increased yield and quality.

Vitaponix VitaFinish 1L

VitaFinish is an essential product for maximising terpene production in the final weeks of flowering. Terpenes are responsible for the aroma and flavour of your floral crop. Plants produce terpenes as a defense mechanism against bugs, fungi and a harsh environment. VitaFinish naturally and safely stresses a crop via a complex blend of compounds shown to have a beneficial effect on oil production.

Vitaponix VitaSilica 250ml

VitaSilica adds an internal layer of protection to your crop against environmental stress, pests and disease. This highly soluble form of Silca strengthens cell walls and forms a tough physical barrier. Plants are better equipped to withstand anything your garden throws at them.

Vitaponix VitaSweet 1L

VitaSweet is a unique crop nutrition product with a specially designed formulation to provide efficient uptake of nutrients. The patented technology is incorporated to significantly increase Mg (Magnesium) and Fe (Iron) utilization enhancing photosynthetic rate resulting in increased sugar production turned into yield!

Measuring Cups & Droppers

Back Copies of Maximum Yield & Garden Culture Magazines


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