The Green Life Soil Co – EconoMulch 40L

$18.00 inc. GST

Save water and retard weeds. A good basic mulch suitable for all plants. Made from aged & composted shredded green waste.

Chocolate brown in colour, no artificial dyes.

Made to Australian Standard AS4454, it is processed to eliminate weed seeds, pathogens and disease (including dieback).


Full product description

Please note Economulch is made from recycled, aged and composted council green waste.  Unfortunately because waste isn’t always separated as well as it should be, sometimes small bits of inert waste (eg. wire, plastic and very occasionally glass) can slip through the manufacturing process and be found in our end product.

We do our best to eliminate any contaminants during our mixing procedure.

Should you feel this is an issue for you, please contact us to discuss. Please be assured these inert materials do not affect the mulch’s performance.

Using recycled product (which passes organic and other compost quality standards) means that waste is saved from landfill and is an environmentally sound practice.


See The Green Life Soil Co Gardening Fact Sheet on Mulch for more information.