Terra Aquatica TriPart Bloom 5L (formerly Flora Bloom)

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TriPart® Bloom

Provides the forms of phosphorus and potassium that your plants need to increase root formation and health during growth, and help fulfil their genetic potential to the maximum during flowering and fruiting. Use lower levels in growth, and higher levels in flowering.


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Three-part building block nutrient system: T.A. TriPart gives the best possible balance between concentration and flexibility. Why buy grow nutrients, bloom nutrients, a Calcium Magnesium Supplement and a PK, when you can grow from start to finish with just three bottles! TriPart nutrients allows you to perfectly match the changing needs of your plants by varying the mix as your grow progresses.

TriPart includes not just the primary and secondary nutrients necessary for basic plant nutrition, but a full range of micro and sub-micronutrients as well and T.A. chelate every possible element for enhanced uptake and stability. This is why the TriPart delivers such impressive and reliable results in specialist markets where enhanced flavour, aroma, potency, and essential oil production are vital.