Temperature Controller

$40.00 inc. GST

Technical parameters:
Power: 50Hz AC220V
The maximum load power: 2000W
Temperature control working temperature: 0 ~40℃
Temperature measurement range: -35 ~55℃
Refrigeration temperature control range: -30 ~38℃
Thermal control range: +5 ~45℃
Return difference temperature: ±1℃
Temperature accuracy: ±1℃
Sensor exchange accuracy: R:10K Ω±1% , B:3470 ± 1%
Probe length 2.5 meters.




Operating instructions
1, Power the controller is connected to the power supply, the temperature control
device is self check, the digital tube is full, the indicator light is bright.
The default setting value of the factory is 25, the setting value is 5 and
the working state is heated.
2, Indicator (yellow light) on the panel, green light  cooling mode, red light heating or
refrigeration operation, red light means that the current temperature has
reached the set temperature requirements.
3,Temperature setting
-setting key: switching between normal operation and temperature setting.
-up key: used to raise temperature.
-down key: used to reduce the setting temperature.

Working mode:
Refrigeration: when the control temperature is more than or equal to the set
temperature + 1 DEG C, switch on a load power supply; when the
temperature is less than or equal to control set temperature – 1 DEG C,
cut off the power supply of the load.