Super Living Soil Power Pack with 20L Fabric Pot

$85.00 inc. GST

If you want to make the most out of our Super Living Soil you might like to try out this winning combination… We are continually working on our Super Living Soil recipe and what works well with it and have found this recipe to work!

(We are not saying that this is the best or the only way, to use our soil and these selected amendments… We just know that they work!)

Guarnteed this is the way to get the best flavours from your flowers! Yum!

The more that you grow with our soil and reuse (see below) our soil and give us feed back the more we learn to keep getting the most out of our organic grows.

1 x Measured Sachet of Mycos
1 x DGT 1/2C Go & Grow + 1/2C Bud & Bloom
3 x HPO Stone Age 50ml
1 x HPO Balance 125ml
1 x HPO Mega Yield 125ml

Alfalfa Mulch 3L

OrganaBud 250ml
Bio Diesel 250ml

Super Living Soil 20L

20L Fabric Pot

Clay Balls to fill bottom of the pot.

Measuring Cup & Dropper.



Feed Chart 20L

Prepare your pot by rinsing your clay balls that will form your base that allows air flow to your plant’s roots.
Once you have filled your fabric pot with Super Living Soil ADD DGT 1/2C Go & Grow + 1/2C Bud & Bloom make sure to mix well. While this Super Living Soil formula works effectively with plants that are on ‘auto pilot’. Others may need a bit more umf around the 3 week mark and this little combo seems to be working quite well!

Give your soil a good water until you have plenty of runoff.

Make a well and ADD MYKOS® mycorrhizae is a natural and organic species of beneficial soil fungi that create a “sponge-like” mass which collects and stores nutrients and water, increasing the uptake of both.

ADD Your plant…

Gently water again – Even if you have pre-moistened your soil, plant roots, mykos and soil microbes ignite when water is introduced.

Alfa-Mulch – So why mulch? To give the full spectrum of what is available in your soil to your plants. Mulching prevents the top layer of soil from drying out, this means it stays productive and full of beneficial microbes that in turn feed your plants. The top few inches of soil is a critical spot for the surface roots of your plants so keeping it healthy is of great importance.

ALFA-MULCH organic soil shield is a multi-use, premium soil covering designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Enhance water penetration
  • Retain soil moisture
  • Treat & Repel pests
  • Promote healthy plant growth
  • Foster microbial activity

Week 1 Grow

Water every 2 to 3 days… As there is Diatomacious earth in the mix it absorbs up to 140% its weight in water, creating a drought tolerant soil environment, allowing maximum aeration to the soil, it improves drainage, reduces compaction, provides a thermal barrier from heat and frozen environments, allows lateral movement of water and nutrients, won’t decompose, is a natural available source of Silica and promotes healthy strong roots. Please note that if you are growing in an Airpot your soil will dry out quicker than in a fabric pot.

Once a week, water with OrganaBud 2ml/L this will feed the microbes in the soil it is 100% organic and contains cold-pressed extracts from Ascophyllum Nodosum kelp PLUS specialized extracted organics, humic and fulvic acids. Humic and fulvic acid can work in harmony to boost your plant’s growth. While humic acid naturally improves soil health and growth, fulvic acid will help your plants uptake nutrients more effectively. This can help save you time and money because you can reduce the amount of nutrients that you supply to your plants.

Week 2 Grow

Same as Week 1.

Week 3 Grow

The goodies in the DGT sachet will be available in the soil now, to help these nutrients become bio-available scrape back your mulch and top dress with a sachet of STONE-AGE, Stone-Age is formulated to provide multiple, premium sources of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Iron, Silica, Sulphur and a full suite of trace minerals, derived from Natural sources, Ancient rare deposits and Volcanic origin. These are complexed with slow release Australian Humic & Fulvic compounds in their raw natural forms, making the nutrients bio-available. Reuse Alfalfa Mulch and add more if needed and water in.

Week 4 Grow

Same as Week 1 Grow.

It is up to you how long your veg for, you might want to veg for up to 6 weeks! Depends on the size of your plant.

After asking many growers we have found that it is advantageous to leave your plant in darkness for 36 hours when going from grow to flower. It speeds up the flowering process… They think that they could die, so as soon as there is light they flower to survive!

Week 1 Bloom

You can use Bio Diesel once a week to every water at an application rate of 4ml/L. This fully organic bloom booster works in synergy with your plant and soil biology to create much larger flower yields with increased resin and terpenes. A special blend of bio stimulants, fossilized guano and proteins enhances the organic chelation of minerals and accelerates nutrient uptake helping to avoid mineral lockouts.

Week 2 Bloom

Scrape back your mulch and top dress with 125ml HPO Herb Superb – Balance Formula (It promotes and excellent framework for your plants, provides strong growth and fantastic quality flowers). Coupled with 50ml Stone Age for uptake. Replace Alfalfa Mulch.

Bio Diesel once a week to every water at an application rate of 4ml/L.

Week 3 Bloom

Same as Week 1 Bloom.

Week 4 Bloom

Same as Week 1 Bloom.

Week 5 Bloom

Scrape back your mulch and top dress with HPO Her Superb – Mega Yield Formula (Is a bud building formulation, high in natural Potassium and Phosphorous, designed as a finisher. It provides increased flower size, density and improved resin accumulation). Coupled with 50ml Stone Age for uptake. PLUS If you have any worm castings on hand, now is a good time to top dress with around a cup’s worth/20L (this will also increase resin). Reuse Alfalfa Mulch and add more if needed.

Week 6 Bloom

Same as Week 1 Bloom.

Week 7 Bloom

Same as Week 1 Bloom.

Week 8 Bloom

Stop using Bio Diesel with 1-2 weeks to go to allow your plants to stop developing more new bud and properly ripen before harvest.
For your final week use water only every 2 – 3 days.

When your plant is ready leave her in the dark. It can range from 24 hours to 1 week or even more. One explanation of why dark before harvest improves the quality is that mild stress may increase the production of resin. Another way to stress your plants in a (supposedly) good way is to lower nighttime air temperature. Or even to cool down the root zone by watering your mature plants with ice-cold water. There may be some truth to it, so feel free to experiment. See if it turns your plant purple?

Re-using Your Super Living Soil 20L

We suggest taking out the tap root and leaving the rest of of the roots in we suggest using 10g H.P.O. Anti-Matter – the enzymes break down dead root matter, and tougher organic fractions into carbohydrates which in turn become food for the Enzyme Producers and other soil life, this then flows on to benefits for your plants by optimising rootzone conditions and allowing better nutrient uptake. Along with a sachet of Regenerate 3-4-3 150g

Regenerate contains:

Neem Meal: pest resistance, macro nutrients. Certified Organic

Kelp Meal: Growth hormones and micronutrients. Certified Organic

Malted Barley: Enzymes for increased nutrient cycling. Provides chitin for pest management via microbial activity.

Paramagnetic Basalt Rock Dust: Increases soil fertility and provides slow release trace elements

Gypsum: Certified Organic. Provides sulfur and calcium and does not affect pH. If building your own soil, add appropriate amount of calcium carbonate to correct acidic soil from the addition of sphagnum peat moss. They left out lime so your soil pH will not shift over time and become more alkaline.

Soft Rock Phosphate: Naturally sourced, un-processed rock phosphate high in trace elements, calcium and phosphorus as well as silica – a cell strengthening element.

Mycorrhizae: Contains 4 species of endomycorrhizal fungal spores. Made in Australia

and 1L of Worm Castings. Worm Castings are rich in minerals, beneficial microbes, and enzymes that break down organic matter. As a result, your plants will have faster access to the nutrients they need, leading to stronger and more vigorous growth. Worm Castings are also an excellent source of humus, which helps to improve soil structure and water retention.