Super Living Soil Auto Combo with 20L Fabric Pot

$60.00 inc. GST

If you are a fan of growing like Mr Canucks Grow (YouTube) you will love this deal!

  • 1 x Super Living Soil 20L
  • 1 x Dr Greenthumbs Go & Grow + Bud & Bloom 250g
  • 1 x 30g Mykos
  • 1 x OrganaBud 250ml
  • 1 x Bio Diesel 250ml
  • 1x Geo Fabric Pot 20L
  • 1 x Clay Balls to line bottom of the pot


Full product description

Our Super Living Soil has a base of Loam Soil (Sand, Clay and Silt) and High Quality Compost – (Blended Sheep, Cow and Chicken Manure).

Included in the mix;

Lucerne Pellets: High in nitrogen promoting healthy microbial soil life.

Blood n Bone Meal: Nitrogen for plant growth, calcium, phosphorus, Improves microbial activity.

Feather Meal: Nitrogen and food for bacteria.

Fish Hydrolysalate: Food source for beneficial microbes and especially beneficial fungi in the soil.

Dolomite Lime: pH buffer, calcium and magnesium.

Fulvic and Humic Acid: For nutrient uptake and soil health.

Calcium: Needed for nitrate uptake and cell wall development.

Worm Castings: Microbial activity and insect repellent.

Kelp Meal: Root stimulation, over all plant health with over 60 trace elements essential for growth. Including iron, manganese, cobalt, zinc and molybdenum.

Rock Phosphate: High in calcium, potassium, magnesium (which is needed for calcium uptake), trace elements and phosphorus for healthy blooms.

BioChar: Increases carbon levels, purifies heavy metals in water, silicon, home for microbial life and holds water.

Diatomaceous Earth: Powder for insect destruction.

Diatomaceous Earth Pebbles: Silica, soil aeration, microbial activity, water and nutrient retention.

Coco Coir & Perlite: Allows more oxygen to the root zone.

Coffee Grounds: Defend against parasites and pests, plus adds acidity.

Live worms: Yes, we have added a spoonful of worms to every mix to keep your soil loose and aerated.

Dr Greenthumbs Bud & Bloom – Single Use.

Ingredients / .5-2-3
Rock Dust mix
Malted Barley

Dr Greenthumbs Go & Grow – Single Use.

Ingredients / 4-2.5-3
Malted Barley
Rock Dust mix

Both Go & Grow and Bud & Bloom are designed to be used in conjunction with a weekly feeding of the enzymes & microbes through liquid organic fertilizer, kelp, fish or squid all work well. Therefore we have included;

FloraMax Organabud 250ml

Is a 100% organic source of potash derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum kelp extract which aids in photosynthesis and assists in many enzyme actions.

Mykos 30g

Mycorrhizal inoculum is a natural root promoter. Mykos increase the availability of the nutrients and moisture required for plant growth, and stabilize the growing media or soil at the same time.

Bio Diesel 250ml

  • BLOOM STAGE WEEK 1 – 3Add Bio Diesel to your water can at 2ml per L.. Continue to use with every watering at this strength until the end of the third week of flower.BLOOM STAGE WEEK 4 -6

    Add Bio Diesel to your watering can at 5ml per L. Continue to use at this strength until the end of week 6 of bloom.

    Stop using Bio Diesel with 1-2 weeks to go to allow your plants to stop developing more new bud and properly ripen before harvest.


Prepare your pot by rinsing your clay balls that will form your base, as it allows air flow to your plant’s roots. Fill your fabric pot with Super Living Soil.

Give your soil a good water until you have plenty of runoff.

Make a well and ADD MYKOS® mycorrhizae is a natural and organic species of beneficial soil fungi that create a “sponge-like” mass which collects and stores nutrients and water, increasing the uptake of both.

ADD Your plant… (Making sure that your plant’s roots are touching the Mykos.)

Gently water again – Even if you have pre-moistened your soil, your plant roots, Mykos and soil microbes ignite when water is introduced!

You will be watering you plant every two to three days, during Grow add Organabud at 2ml/L and during Bloom add Bio Diesel as directed above.

This recipe is great for your lighter feeding Auto Pilot plants. If you have Photo Period plants you might like to check out our High Powered Super Living Soil Combo with 20L Fabric Pot or Super Living Soil Power Pack with 20L Fabric Pot