Sunsun Water Pump HQB 3500

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Sunsun Pump HQB-3500


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The sensen HQB series of power head water pumps are high performance mag-drive pumps with a ceramic shaft. The pumps are great for aquariums and ponds or fountain, these have a cool running, self cleaning heavy duty open impeller. These water pumps deliver high performance with better head pressure than most comparably sized pumps and in wattage used at an affordable price. These are also a more substantial, rugged construction water pump than similar priced pumps
The superior design results in a pump that is energy efficient, reliable, quiet, long lasting with low heat operation. The sensen water pumps are fully submersible and can be paired with wet-dry filters, central sump systems, under gravel filtering systems, ponds and fountains in both fresh and salt water


  • Pump body and casing are made of high quality plastic which is anti corrosive and highly durable
  • Pumps have excellent insulation and it is combine with pumping,filtration,oxygen and fountain in one