Spider Farmer SF600 Growshelves Indoor Led Grow Light And Metal Plant Stand With Plant Trays

$950.00 inc. GST

Package include: 3 x SF600, 3-tiers grow shelf, 3 x water-tight trays

This stand is made of high-grade iron with a moisture-resistant powder coating, ensuring its durability. The weight and durability make it a testament to exceptional quality. Textured and leak-proof trays provide a secure and hygienic environment for your plants. Installation takes under 20 minutes, TWO PEOPLE is a must! and the stand has four removable wheels for effortless movement.


Full product description

  • Durable And Sturdy: The Spider Farmer Metal Plant Stand can hold up to 55 pounds per tier and is rust-proof and durable because it is made of high-quality iron with a moisture-resistant powder coating. The indoor plant stand is paired with three non-leaking plant trays that are recessed to prevent liquid spills, providing growers with a clean and safe growing environment.


  • Easy to Install and Move: The Spider Farmer plant stand is designed with a simple structure, mainly consisting of a shelf, support bar, waterproof tray, and casters. The plant stand can be installed or dismantled in less than 20 minutes with four simple steps. (With 2 p[eople!) After installation, use the removable dual-locking wheels (made of non-marking polyurethane, shock-absorbing, and non-marking) to move the shelf at will according to seasonal/light changes.


  • Wide Application: 46 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 70 inches high, with 4 layers of metal shelves and 22 inches between each layer, our plant shelf provides ample space for plants, perfect for living room, balcony, patio, or greenhouse.