Rock Burst 5L

$230.00 inc. GST

Rock Burst is a totally unique formulation of naturally derived active ingredients, which is designed to generate reproductive energy in a variety of crops. Rock Burst is a concentrated mixture of organic acids, all natural plant extracts and mineral salts all working synergistic-ally to gently shock the plant or tree into a reproductive flurry.



What’s more it’s suitable for all flowering plants and contains naturally occurring organic acids, Cytokinins, Auxins, Gibberellins and also a range of micronutrients found in seaweed. Finally, the Silica ingredient enhances flower weight and helps to reduce the chance of mould and other grower problems.

Rock Burst Features:

  • Suitable for all growing systems and media
  • Stronger and high quality components
  • Effective

Directions for Use:

  • Rock Burst should be used within the first 3 weeks of flowering.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Re-circulating System: use 3ml of Rock Burst per litre of nutrient solution in the main reservoir then leave for one week. Add nutrients and water as necessary.
  • Soil Grown Plants: use 5mls of Rock Burst per litre of nutrient solution, then apply 10 litres of solution per square metre of growing area.
  • Run-to-waste System: use 5mls of Rock Burst per litre of working nutrient solution and ensure plants receive Rock Burst solution for at least 10 days.