Regenerate Organic Soil Nutrient Blend (3-4-3) 150g

$5.00 inc. GST

Regenerate is a blend of mycorrhizal fungi, rich soil amendments and rock dusts. It contains a diverse spectrum of major nutrients and trace elements. All inputs have been selected for their rich concentration of natural growth promoting hormones, organic nutrients, pest resisting compounds and microbial stimulants to build long term soil fertility. Regenerate your soil for perpetual healthy crops. Maintain mineral balance and restore organic nutrients to raised beds or used potting mixes.

150g will regenerate 25L of soil… It is also suggested to add 1L or worm castings and 10g of High Powered Organics Anti-Matter. (The enzymes break down dead root matter, and tougher organic fractions into carbohydrates which in turn become food for the Enzyme Producers and other soil life, this then flows on to benefits for your plants by optimising rootzone conditions and allowing better nutrient uptake.)


Full product description

Complete nutrient blend for organic soil for building long term soil fertility and plant health.


Soft rock phosphate

Grade 1 natural Gypsum

Fish bone meal

Insect Frass

Neem Meal

Fish Meal

Sulphate of potash

Mycorrhizal fungi inoculant