Pure Crop 1 (100ml) Organic Pest Control

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All organic, 100% plant-based Insecticide, Fungicide & Biostimulant. Eliminates Pests, Mold & Mildew while Boosting Plant Health. PureCrop1 works without harming beneficial insects, including predatory mites, ladybugs, bees, predatory wasps, and other beneficials.



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Insects – PureCrop1 eliminates sap-sucking insects by dissolving the membrane that forms their bodies and interfering with the digestive enzymes in the gut that process their food. Sap-sucking insects that vector pathogens differ from predatory insects (good bugs) by the enzymes that break down the food they eat. PureCrop1 does not harm the membrane or enzymes of beneficial insects, and for this reason, is an excellent addition to organic and sustainable farming.

Mold and Mildew – PureCrop1 works against mold and mildew by membrane disruption. Thousands of micelle tear out a piece of the cell wall and cause the cells to leak out, effectively sterilizing the spore. The micelle also leave a thin physical barrier that block the anchor site where mold and mildew would attach, preventing it from growing for up to ten days.

Plant Health – PureCrop1 was developed to increase the health and vitality of indoor and outdoor plants by feeding the mechanism responsible for cell reproduction. Nutrients feed the plant through minerals that need to be processed by the plant consuming energy (Fatty acids). PureCrop1 delivers these fatty acids directly to the phloem and xylem inside the plant, where they are distributed and made immediately available for its use. Because of the micelles’ ability to carry up to 25% of its molecular weight in additional polar and non-polar minerals, PureCrop1 distributes soluble and insoluble macro and micro-nutrients throughout the plant. The combination of delivering bio-available nutrition and adding free energy makes the system more efficient, leading to healthier plants that grow faster, develop roots & foliage quickly, and ripen early.


PureCrop1 eliminates sap-sucking insects by interfering with the digestive enzymes in their gut. It eliminates pests such as aphids, leafhoppers, SPIDER mites, stink bugs, thrips, WHITEFLY, and more. PureCrop1 is bio-selective, leaving beneficial insects and beneficial microbials unharmed.

Dilution Rates:

  • For all pest, mold, and mildew treatment: Foliar Spray 20ml/L daily until problem is resolved (3-4 days).
  • For preventative care/maintenance: Foliar Spray 10ml/L weekly.