Professor Nutrients Hydro Clay 50L

$55.00 inc. GST

Professor’s Nutrients Hydro Clay is made from 100% natural Lightweight expanded clay aggregate (LECA). Formed into small balls, they have a uniform round shape and are 8-16mm in size, and are lightweight and porous, which increases aeration and helps to promote root growth for plants.


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  • Effective against Fungal Gnats
  • Increases Aeration
  • Provides Reliable Drainage
  • Retains Moisture
  • pH-Neutral
  • Lightweight
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • High Porosity for increased oxygenation
  • Zero Nutrient Value
  • Versatile – use on its own or blend with other substrates


Hydro Clay (LECA) ………………………..…….. 100%

Physical Properties:

  • Bulk density: 260-650kgs/m3
  • Cumulative porosity percentage: >36%
  • Specific surface area: 2-5 X 104cm 2/g
  • Hydrochloric acid soluble rate: <3.3%
  • Friction loss rate: <2.2%
  • Loss on ignition: <0.15%


  • Rinse Hydro Clay pebbles to remove excess dirt and debris.
  • Fill the plant container with clay pebbles.
  • Fill the reservoir with a nutrient enriched solution following the product’s specifications.

Ideally used in Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Deep water Culture, Drip Feed System or to be added on top of soil to protect your indoor plants