Pro Grow MODEL Z 780w

$1,900.00 inc. GST

We have 2 of these LEDs coming in, in the next 2 weeks…

780 W Model E 8 Bar
2484 x Single Mount Diode/LED’s
100V-240 V AC
50~60 Hz
780 W
13.7 kg
120 Degree
Die Cast/Pressed Aluminum
IP55 (water resistant)
L-1105 mm x W-1067 mm x H-54 mm
>50,000 Hours
3 Year Warranty


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Take your crop to the next level with the PRO GROW 780 W Model Z. Three separate light channels for grow, early bloom and late bloom deliver the best possible spectrum at the three most influential stages of a plants life. The addition of Optimum Blue, UVA and Far-red diodes result in boosted plant growth, more flower sites, increased flower density, higher crop yield & improved essential oils, taste and aroma.

• BPF (ePar) – 1950 µmol/s
• PPF – 1870 µmol/s
• Efficacy- 2.6 µmol/J
• Sosen 0-1 0 V Driver
• 2510 SMD LED Diodes
• CRI 92.6 – Full Spectrum Array
• Dimmable to 40%, 60% or 80%