MR 24/7 (Mite-Rid) 45ml

$30.00 inc. GST

Mite-Rid contains a number of organically derived botanical oils including Neem oil, which acts as a deterrent for many types of plant pests, and especially Two Spotted and Red Spider Mites. Mite-Rid is also an effective agent in many situations where insect pests appear, as it can create a barrier on plants when used regularly. Mite-Rid is quickly taken into the the plant where it remains for several days.


Full product description

Mite-Rid is suitable for use on all ornamental crops whether used in either soil or hydroponic applications.

Hydroponic use: 2mls per 10L – run for 1 week through the system then dump the tank.

Foliar Application: 5mls per 2L of lukewarm water. Spray to run off weekly while problem persists.

Do not harvest for 7 days after application.