LED Mars Hydro TS 3000 – (Output 900W)

$850.00 inc. GST

The Mars Hydro TS 3000w quantum board LED grow light is Mars Hydro’s flagship quantum board light.


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  • White light spectrum plus infrared,
  • Fanless design,
  • Manageable heat,
  • High power efficiency: Pulls 450 watts from the wall and emits 2.2 micromoles per Joule of energy used (uMol/J).
  • Light intensity doesn’t decrease as much as traditional lights when you measure further from center underneath the light.
  • Best price in its class

One of the biggest improvements on quantum board designs is the more evenly spread light intensity. For example, a low end traditional LED grow light may emit 1000 micromoles of light directly underneath the center, but as you measure 1 foot from center, the intensity will drop significantly.

That’s not helpful because ideally, you want intense light over the whole grow space, not just the center underneath the grow light. This was a common problem with LED grow lights under $500 until quantum boards came around and improved the situation.

More On Light Intensity:

One difference between the Mars Hydro TS 3000 and the main quantum board competitors HLG and Spider Farmer grow lights is the type of LED used. Mars Hydro is using Epistar LEDs while HLG and Spider Farmer use Samsung LEDs.

Samsung LEDs are generally viewed as higher quality, but there’s definitely some brand name premium priced in. The factors that will affect your grow will be the intensity of the light and the color spectrum emitted by differing brands.

mars hydro ts3000 ppfd

First let’s take a look at the intensity on these three competing quantum board LED grow lights:

Full Grow Light Comparison Table:

If you expand the table above, you can see the Mars Hydro TS 3000 is slightly below the other two competitors on light intensity, but generally speaking it’s in the same neighborhood.