LED Spider Farmer SF 2000 – (Output 400W)

$400.00 inc. GST

Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light with Samsung Chips LM301B & Dimmable MeanWell Driver Commercial White Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum for Greenhouse Hydroponic Veg Flower 606pcs LEDs.


Full product description

  • High Energy Efficiency with 2.7 umol/J, only consume 202w. OUTPUT 400W Veg footprint is 3 x 4 ft, Flower is 2 x 4 ft. 2 sets SF2000 are equal to 1 SF4000, can used for Veg 6 x 6 ft, Flowering 5 x 5 ft.
  • Better Canopy Light Penetration: Equipped with SAMSUNG LM301 Diodes – the highest light output LED available at present, create the better canopy light penetration, get 40% higher yields with less energy compared with other red blue lights.
  • More Safe Process: No Fan ZERO Noise, large areas of solid aluminum heat sink, special protective covers for cables, waterproof LED board, high safety performance with MEAN WELL Driver. 50% longer lifespan compare with other brand lights. Allowing you to grow with confidence.
  • Sunlight Spectrum: Blue, White, Red and IR (660-665nm,3000K,5000K and IR 760nm), provide everything plants desired in the natural sunlight, turn your seeds into your own supply, produce beautiful high yielding plants. Easy to see the true color of your plants.