LED Spider Farmer SE3000 (Output 600w)

$580.00 inc. GST

High Quality LED Chips: Design with Samsung LM301B diodes. High efficacy up to 2.75umol/J. Also longer lifespan.

Even PAR Distribution & Detachable Driver: The multi-light bar design and the densely distributed light chips enable the LED grow lights to achieve the optimum PPFD required for plant growth over the entire effective coverage area. The detachable driver can move the light outside the grow room, good for heat dissipation.


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Perfect Spectrum Ratio: To ensure even plant growth, blue and red light are enhanced on the basis of a full spectrum combination. Not only does this accelerate plant growth, but it also improves the yield and quality of the plants at the same time.

Dimming Daisy Chain: Design with the dimmer knob, from 20%-100%, easily adjust the lightness for your plant’s growth. Also, the light can connect 7 control several lights together.

Spectrum: 380-410nm, 660-665nm, 730nm, 3200-4200K, 4800-5000K.

Draw: 300w

Footprint: 3ft x 3ft

Diodes: Samsung