LED POWER PLANT UFO 100 – (Output 200W)

$180.00 inc. GST

Pro Grow LED’s are more energy-efficient than HID fixtures. Customers have reported a 25% increase in grams per Watt (total finished dry weight) compared to a traditional 600 W SE HPS lamp. The quality of the end product is substantially improved due to the high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 91.1 and terpene profiles are accentuated due to the increased full spectrum light intensity with less heat.



Full product description

The new Pro Grow UFO LEDs blend top bin SMD diodes from both Samsung and Osram for an outstanding efficacy of over 2.1 μmols/s. Pro Grow UFO LED’s emit 4,000 Kelvin full spectrum light with an industry-leading CRI of 90. Coupled with ultra-reliable Optimum drivers, the lightweight and durable die-cast aluminium housings offer cool, fanless & totally silent operation. Extended reliability is assured with IP-55 water resistant, cleanable housings. Pro Grow UFO LED’s are available in both 100 W and 200 W configurations with outputs of PPF 210& PPF 420 respectively. Total weight for either unit is well under 2.9 kgs making installation and mounting a breeze.

  • Total PPF 210 µmol/s – 2.1 µmol/J
  • Samsung & Osram Diodes
  • Full Spectrum Array – CRI 91.1
  • High Quality Optimum Driver
  • 260 mm Ø – 150 mm H
  • Total Amps: 0.42 A