Hygrozyme 500ml

$35.00 inc. GST

Hygrozyme™ is a true breakthrough in enzyme based products that breaks down old root mass to allow for and stimulate new growth. It is a root rot and disease inhibitor that also helps controls the growth of algae. This enzymatic formula is designed to break down proteins in the soil and allow for faster uptake of nutrients by the plant.


Full product description

Hygrozyme™ is North America’s #1 selling horticultural enzyme formula. Hygrozyme™ is a powerful blend of concentrated, beneficial enzymes that work synergistically to ensure plants achieve their full genetic potential.

Hygrozyme™ unique proprietary formula contains the highest units/mL of cellulase, which rapidly breaks down dead root matter and converts it into simple sugars which feed your beneficial bacteria. Hygrozyme™ is effective in all growing media and growth stages and is compatible with all nutrient and supplement programs.

Manufactured in an entirely unique way, Hygrozyme™ offers growers a number of advantages over competing products. It is bacteria free meaning that it has a virtually unlimited shelf life and there is absolutely no risk of introducing living bacteria into your system. Works great for both hydroponics and soil gardening.