Hy-Gen Nitro K 500ml

$20.00 inc. GST

Nitro-K uses organic based Nitrogen (N), Potrassium (K) and chelated Trace elements designed to accelerate roots and boost leaf and stem health during the vegetative stage and into early flowering.


Full product description

  • Organic Nitrogen & Potassium
  • Improves Nutrient Uptake
  • Increases Growth Rates
  • Improves Plant Health
  • Strengthens Leaf & Stem Structure
  • Pre-Flowering Booster
  • Suitable for Soil

NITRO-K is formulated using organic based nitrogen, potassium and chelated trace elements. It’s designed to boost and improve root, leaf and stem health. The organic acids in NITRO-K improve nutrient solubility and availability. Additional potassium helps to facilitate the transition into flowering.

Plants absorb nitrogen, potassium and trace elements at a rapid rate throughout their life cycle, especially during the vegetative stage. As available levels fall, the growth rate begins to slow. NITRO-K can be used to quickly correct nitrogen deficiencies or to simply increase nitrogen levels as required.

Using NITRO-K regularly gives your plants a continued supply of valuable nitrogen, potassium and trace elements when they are most needed. When used as a foliar spray it can quickly correct nutrient deficiencies, keeping your plants in top health.

Continue using NITRO-K until there are visible signs of flowers and buds then start using PK TOP UP. This will ensure a continued supply of potassium for flowering while nitrogen is replaced by additional phosphorous needed for fruit production. Using the two products in succession will give improved colour, flavours and yields.