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So what is this stuff??? let’s get experienced

RHIZO-MOJO is the most potent rhizobacterial based biostimulant package created to date! A truly memorable experience for any plant that encounters it – and any gardener that uses it!

Furthering the expansion of the microbial universe that our DARK-MATTER & ANTI-MATTER occupy, this cutting edge formulation has been painstakingly designed to enhance the functioning of our two established Microbial formulations, and to further boost the effectivity of our Super Living Soil, in fact RHIZO-MOJO knows no bounds when it comes to its ability to affect all plants in all media. Whether you’re in soil indoors, under the sun, in pots, in the ground, OR if you grow in Coco, inert based media or hydroponics, don’t worry You can get your MOJO workin!


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How does it work???

RHIZO-MOJO Works via a multipronged approach:

  • Solubulizes & Fixes not only NPK sources but Trace elements too!
  • Upregulation of genetic expression meaning 4K everything – smell – taste – colour!
  • Increases the efficiency of your plants – stronger roots – thicker stems – bigger buds – more foliage accumulation – in drastically shorter timeframes.
  • Creates its OWN MonoSilicic right there in the root system from insoluble silica sources – rather than being applied externally – double time when used with GREEN-SUPREME

It not only makes the nutrients that are in your soil more available, it increases your plants very perception and awareness to them! Forming a cascading synergy that can elicit jaw dropping responses.

Part one of the formula works by unlocking bound nutrients held in unavailable, or slowly available forms and converts them into highly bioavailable types. The species of Rhizobacteria have been directly chosen to be stunningly effective, tolerant of a wide range of climatic and rootzone conditions and resilient to nutrients.

The microbial consortium possesses the unique ability to solubilize the uncommonly solubilized, with a focus not just on NPK but also the micronutrients that make the macronutrients usable.

It is capable of turning insoluble Silica, Iron, Zinc, Sulphur, Potassium & Phosphorous into the types plants can use immediately, along with both fixing atmospheric Nitrogen and releasing bound Nitrogen.

Part two comprises a range of unique, botanically extracted biostimulants, phytonutrients, phytostimulatory metabolites, specific amino-acid combinations & easily absorbable organic carbohydrates.

These ingredients combine to create a cascading synergy that lifts plant metabolism to a higher level, causing a hyper exaggerated expression of desirable characteristics at higher doses that enable your garden to take full advantage of the more readily accessible nutrient sources present.

It enhances nutrient absorption and boosts plant growth far beyond normal levels through the upregulation and optimisation of your plant’s natural genetic makeup. It’s the libido, the essence, the right stuff! It thwarts common nutrient issues and banishes slow, lazy growth.

Crack open your plants pineal gland and release your gardens untapped potential!