H.P.O Ocean-Potion 10g

$5.00 inc. GST

OCEAN-POTION sea-minerals & kelp-karbs is a multifaceted organic booster, engineered to provide a range of awesome benefits to your grow including:

  • Providing quality sources of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron & a whole suite of trace minerals in highly bioavailable forms – all derived from Algal & Kelp sources.
  • Chelation of nutrients through a kelp derived carbohydrate blend which increases the bioavailability of organic nutrition & feeds microbes.
  • Buffering soil acidity against PH drop – keeps peat sweet!
  • Improving plant immunity via high potency Crustacean shell Chitosan extract which activates the plants natural defences and heightens genetic expression.
  • Increases in quality and quantity via organically derived biostimulants, cytokines, growth factors, and organic extracts.
  • Increasing jasmonic acid production naturally for higher resin output.


Full product description

From the depths of the sea, back to the block… we really mined the bottom of the marij..ahem Mariana trench on this one!

Designed for use alongside our AQUA-MARINE grow & bloom fertilisers to provide a complete – soluble – N.P.K & Trace mineral package that is easy to use and grows great plants (perfect in our ISLAND-BLEND precharged supercoco or GRO-DIRT living supersoils!)

In contrast to our top dressing & soil building amendment pack STONE-AGE mineral composite, this formula is completely soluble, freely flowable in water – and is available in a rapid manner to the plants.

Perfect for times when you need Cal-Mag and you need it fast!

OCEAN-POTION makes nutrients more available and useable by the plant, providing trace minerals essential to proper nutrient utilisation – this is provided in tandem with a range of premium, naturally derived ingredients, that further enhance the bioavailability of all organic nutrition present in the soil.

Many Cal/Mag products are based on Nitrates, which although they do provide a quick green up, they can also blowtorch your microbes – or at least render them dormant.

The unique sources in OCEAN-POTION are carefully chosen to work with your soil biology, while providing stunning benefits in growth and health through roots-to-shoots stimulation of your plants.

Run OCEAN-POTION at the Maintenance dose on a regular basis for continued top up nutrition throughout the crop cycle or dose them harder at the More Power Dosage to correct deficiencies or for Cal/Mag hungry cultivars.

It’s a potent plant potion straight from the ocean thats sure to set your plants in motion!

Close up of Sea Minerals

The highly vesicled nature of the Algal Calcium allows it to be made available rapidly.


  • Calcium – Magnesium – Iron – & the full suite of trace minerals derived from micronized Algal Kelp sources. This extremely fine, highly vesicled source is rapidly assimilated by microbes and made available to plants, in addition to performing soil PH buffering functions.
  • Kelp derived complex carbohydrates including Mannitol, Mannose, Galactose & Alginate. These sources not only feed the microbial species that in turn feed your plants – they also perform nutrient chelation functions, making fertiliser more bioavailable.
  • High levels of organically derived Cytokines, Growth factors, Phytostimulants & Alginic Acid boost growth, flowering & root system efficiency for supercharged plants that grow faster & yield more.
  • Improved levels of Jasmonic Acid production & increased plant immunity through Chitin pathway signalling, resulting in bomb proof plants that yield sticker – more resinous flowers.

“In the bazaar of herbs and potions don’t wander aimlessly, find the shop with a potion that is sweet”