HPO Alfa-Mulch 3L

$15.00 inc. GST

ALFA-MULCH organic soil shield is a multi-use, premium soil covering designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Enhance water penetration
  • Retain soil moisture
  • Treat & Repel pests
  • Promote healthy plant growth
  • Foster microbial activity



It is suitable for use on plants Indoors and Outdoors and, although designed to work with living organic soil, it works very well with any organic soil and grow media, even Coco based systems.

So why mulch? Well If you aren’t using mulch when growing organically your plants aren’t getting the full spectrum of what is available to them.

Mulching prevents the top layer of soil from drying out, this means it stays productive and full of beneficial microbes that in turn feed your plants. The top few inches of soil is a critical spot for the surface roots of your plants so keeping it healthy is of great importance.

By using a rich organic soil (such as our premium Super Living Soil ) with a top layer that is actively breaking down, we can get as close to optimal, natural conditions as possible.

As an obvious benefit it reduces watering frequency saving you time.

So whats in each bag? Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients;

Coarse and fine locally grown Alfalfa are included which make for a nutritious mulch, it has an average NPK of 2.5-1-1 and provides nutrients in a slow release form.

It also contains naturally occurring Triacontinol which is a powerful growth stimulant, giving your plants a boost.

Hemp stalk is a very interesting product to use as a mulch, it has the unique ability to be long lasting and hold moisture in the soil well, yet remains very light and fluffy. It holds the mulch open to prevent compaction and is a useful microbe home.

Diatomite (Diatomaceous Earth/D.E.) fortifies ALFA-MULCH as a highly effective natural pest management.

The top layer of soil is a prime point of attack for things such as fungus gnats. Diatomite on a microscopic level resembles small shards of broken glass, these pierce and dessicate pests on contact making the environment inhospitable to them and interrupting the pest breeding cycle in a natural way – without resorting to harmful chemicals or allowing soil to dry right out.

Diatomite contains a host of natural trace minerals including a huge amount of plant available Silica, promoting overall plant health and resilience.

It has the unique property of being able to hold 100% of its weight in water! enabling it to have a buffering capacity outside the realm of the organic portion alone.

Yucca Extract and our Organic Saponin Blend are incorporated as an organic wetting agent.

These natural plant extracts are steroidal based surfacants which work to reduce the surface tension of water. In effect what it means is it makes water…….wetter.

The blend of extracts we use act both immediately and long term making sure that the water you give your plants actually soaks into the root system, rather than running straight down the drain.

This mulch will help treat and kill pests in the most troublesome spots – the top layer, it also provides trace minerals, silica, plant/microbe food and has a good long term moisture buffering capacity, as well as continually improving soil wettability. Rather than just a simple soil covering.