House I Garden PH+ Stabil/Osmose 1L

$30.00 inc. GST

A correct pH value leads to better absorption of the main and trace elements.  Therefore, maintaining a correct pH value results in better growth and higher yields. Incorrect or changing pH levels can lead to nutrient deficiencies, failed yields and death of crops.


Full product description

House & Garden pH Stabiliser has been developed in order to balance the pH throughout the entire growth cycle of the plant. Working alongside our base nutrient, it will keep the pH balanced for up to 10 days. House & Garden pH Stabiliser will harmonise with the base nutrient and enable good absorption of the main and trace nutrients by the plants.

PH Stabiliser is designed for farmers using soft water such as tank water, rain water and certain city water. If your water is soft (<0.2EC), we strongly recommend using pH Stabiliser with any existing nutrient regime.

Reverse Osmosis systems are particularly vulnerable to fluctuating pH. House & Garden pH Stabiliser was specifically designed for R/O water sources and ensures pH stability in your facility.