H.P.O. GREEN-SUPREME Plant Vitality Tonic 10g

$8.00 inc. GST

GREEN-SUPREME is highly effective when used as a foliar spray, providing super fast results that can sometimes be visible in as little as 24hrs. It also has the ability to make life a bit harder for typically stubborn pests when utlised in this way

  • For boosting growth and general Foliar use we recommend 1 gram (approximately 1/4 flat teaspoon, or one of the included scoops) – per 2ltrs water. It is difficult to overapply this product, but consistent use, especially during the vegetative stage, as a minimum once per week, up to 3 times weekly, will provide powerful results.


Full product description

GREEN-SUPREME plant vitality tonic is a multifaceted formulation made from a carefully developed blend of ultra-premium organic ingredients, in an instantized, super concentrated form, designed specifically to put a pep in your plants step!


The goal with GREEN-SUPREME was to create a product akin to a multivitamin, and health supplement, specifically for your most prized plants that would enhance many different functions simultaneously.


GREEN-SUPREME is a powerful growth elicitor, plant immunity booster, nutrient chelator and watering enhancer. It can be applied by root drench, foliar and even has the capability to boost the germination of seeds.

Developed in conjunction with local growers, and field tested under an exhaustive array of conditions. Test growers have reported rapid increases in both vertical and lateral growth, large, “jurassic” like leaves, sick plants “comin back from the dead” with stark increases in vigor & yield, coupled with a seeming bulletproof immunity to common garden pests like mites and thrips.