Growth Technology Coco Grow Set 1L

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GT COCO–Twin pack hydroponic nutrient Organically enhanced for maximum growth potential! Coco fibre has rapidly become the leading hydroponic growing medium in Australia. Being unique in its physical characteristics, it requires an equally unique nutritional programe


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Organically enhanced with fulvic acidand tailored specifically to coco fibre’s unique characteristics, GT COCOis simply the best choice for achieving outstanding results consistently. The precisionformulated mineral profile compensatesfor the tendency of coco fibreto lock up available calcium whilst the fulvicacid acts as a biological stimulant, enhancing cell division, and mineral and oxygen availability and uptake.GT COCOis available in two distinct formulations:GT COCO Growis designed to meet the needs of plants during the vegetative stage, encouraging rapid leaf and shoot development.GT COCOBloomis designed to meet the needs of plants during the flowering stage, encouraging profuse bud and flower formation. GT Cococan be used with any grade of coco fibre and is bestsuited to run to waste systems and passive systemsGROWTH STAGENUTRIENTCONDUCTIVITY (EC)pHVegetativeGT Coco Grow1.2 –1.6mS5.8 –6.2FloweringGT Coco Bloom1.6–2.2mS6.0 –6.5IMPORTANTTIPS:Do not under estimate the water holding capacity of coco fibre compared to other mediums. Be sure not to over waterSalinity in coco fibre can be a problem if not addressed. Always flush new coco with fresh H2O before planting.Flush systemsat least once a week to avoid nutrient build up in the media.Gradually increase the nutrient strength during each cycle i.e.start on 1.2mS during the Vegetative growth stage and gradually increase it to 1.6mS towards the end of the stage,

Both Grow and Bloomhave an ‘A’ part and a ‘B’ part. These must be added in equal amounts as per instructions to maintain the ideal nutrient profile for the plant.DO NOT IGNORE pH. Certain minerals may becomeinaccessible to the plant when the pH of the solution is outside the recommended range. If using a pH Test Kit, aim for ‘6’.GETTING THE MOST FROM YOUR PLANT:To maximize the flowering potential of your plant during the flowering stage, use GT SUPER.Fora plant with extra strength and vigor, add GT SILICA to your nutrient solution.