Grovebags Tote Liner 20 Gallon (75L)

$25.00 inc. GST

Grove Bags liners utilize the benefits of the Terploc film with increased industrial strength and puncture resistance for 20-gallon bins making them the perfect option for storing and transporting large quantities of flower or trim.

Grove Bags are composed of a blend of several high barrier films with key permeability properties. All unwanted gases & water vapor are actively diffused through the film barriers, forming the ideal mold free environment to preserve contents.


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Each Element Serves a Unique Purpose;


The Science of TerpLoc®

Single Component packaging are packaging solutions that only require a single element, for example, a bag, a jar. Multi
Component packaging requires more than one element, for example, a jar with a humidity pack. Of course, since 2 is
greater than 1, the pricing for the multi component packaging are almost always more expensive. In addition, with 2 or
more components, additional risks are also added, such as a leak or breakage in the humidity pack. More labor is also
needed for transporting and adding the humidity pack to the final package.
Modifed Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) refers to a type of packaging solution that can regulate the internal atmosphere
of the package to increase the shelf life of the stored materials.
Passive MAP refers to specialized packaging with unique materials that allows the desired internal atmospheric conditions to develop naturally as a result of the packaged product’s respiration and gas difusion through the barrier.
Active MAP refers to any packaging that has a process of artifcially displacing the gas within the package which is then
replaced and/or supplemented by the desired atmospheric composition. A package/packaging process that includes
Nitrogen/Argon/other noble gas fushing would be considered Active MAP. Just as a mason jar with a humidity pack
would be as well.
Terploc® is the 1st and most effective Passive MAP on the market place. Compared with Active MAP, Terploc’s Passive
MAP there’s less packaging breakage risk, less labor required, less shipping worries, and most of all, more Terpenes!


A key component of our commitment to a green planet is our multifaceted approach to sustainable packaging production. From using only FDA approved materials and Sustainable Packaging Coalition Certifed manufacturing practices, to
our “USA Made” production and shipping, we approach every step of our process with a focus on sustainability. This ensures a carbon neutral footprint and maximizimes the sustainable impression our clients make.
ZERO Waste
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