Green Life Soil – Fish Hydrolysate 1L

$15.00 inc. GST

Certified Organic. Fish Hydrolysate is made in Australia and is 100% pure liquid fish. The difference between fish emulsion & fish hydrolysate is the fish oil. Fish Hydrolysate still contains the oil and is undiluted, and so is a richer food source for beneficial microbes and especially beneficial fungi in the soil.



Fish hydrolysate is concentrated, and when diluted can be used ideally as soil fertliser, and added to compost piles or worm farms.  It contains a wide spectrum of major nutrients and trace elements in organic, plant available form.  It is suitable for all soils, crops, ornamentals, trees and vegetables. (It can be used by foliar application, but it will leave oil spots on the leaves, so avoid using in strong sunlight as sunburn can occur.  Also it may be unpleasant on leafy greens for consumption – be warned!)

We have found fish hydrolysate can be difficult to use in cold weather, as it becomes gluggy.  Warming the bottle in the sun before decanting helps, as does using warm water to dilute/mix it with to aid dispersion.  Avoid using hot water on your plants – allow to cool if necessary!