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Flairform GreenDream is a one-part formulation with a superior nutrient balance that ensures more aggressive growth and prolific flowering. Minimal pH maintenance is required due to a very high pH buffering capacity, so growers are able to use high alkalinity waters without experiencing large pH fluctuations and the associated poor growth results. GreenDream is optimised for all mediums (coco-peat, soil, NFT, rockwool, expanded clay, perlite, etc.) and is fast and simple to use.


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  • GreenDream achieves high levels of phosphorus and potassium. Consequently you can achieve great performance without needing PK additives.
  • GreenDream contains no chloride or nuisance chemicals and low levels of ammonium. Excess chloride and ammonium cause chlorosis (leaf yellowing) and damage to roots and stem bases, respectively, which results in poor growth/yield.
  • The trace elements are chelated (i.e. organically bound) to ensure that they remain totally soluble in both the concentrated and working nutrient solution over a wide range of pH – for constant availability to your plants.
  • The chief causes of nutrient failure are dosing error and lack of pH control. However, GreenDream overcomes these problems.
  • Suits ALL media (coco-peat, NFT, Rockwool, expanded clay, perlite etc.) and for ALL system types