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The FunGuy WA uses a specific fungi strain and a special formulated organic substrate, providing vigorous growth to produce a lot of CO2 and a low fruiting rate, lasting longer producing CO2.


Full product description

The FunGuy WA CO2 bags are a naturally, cheaper and easier way to supply CO2 to your plants in a hydroponic tent or greenhouse.
Just place a CO2 above your plants and let it do the work for you! No need to use expensive generators, regulators, monitors.

The FunGuy WA CO2 bags are locally produced in Perth, cutting shipping time compared to overseas or interstate options. This means you get a fresher product, capturing the benefits of CO2 production earlier in the fungi’s life.

Just place The FunGuy WA CO2 bag above your plants height in a greenhouse or hydroponic tent. CO2 is heavier than air under the same temperature/pressure and will be available for plants below. By having air moving within your grow tent will help avoid CO2 being stagnated in the bottom of your grow room.

How does it work? As the fungi inside the CO2 bag grows, it naturally absorbs Oxygen and produces Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Being an opposite gas exchange to plants, they make a perfect companion. CO2 will be available to your plants through a gas exchange filter attached to the bag.

How long does it last? Our CO2 bags will last up to 6 months but it is recommended to intercalate, introducing a fresh CO2 bag every 3-4 months to bust up CO2. (Eg, start with 1 bag, in 3 months time add a fresh one, in 6 months time, replace your first bag with a new one.)

The FunGuy WA CO2 bags can vary from brown to white. They start off brown and turn white as the Mycelium colonizes the substrate content, this is completely normal.