FloraMax Flowering Enhancer 1L

$40.00 inc. GST

Flowering Enhancer is a specialized PK additive that locks pH below 6.5 and strengthens flowers using added calcium, magnesium and iron chelate.


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Flowering Enhancer contains a carefully balanced combination of potassium and phosphorus and is supplemented with calcium, magnesium and iron chelate to combat harsh grow room conditions:

  • Promotes strong and healthy floral blooms.
  • Strengthens plant structure during heavy fruiting stages.
  • With most nutrient brands, ‘Flowering Enhancer’ avoids needing a ‘calmag’.
  • Unlike regular PK additives, Flowering Enhancer helps lock pH below 6.5 by improving the nutrient’s pH buffering by over 500%.  This prevents pH related deficiency symptoms, even when hard water or alkaline additives are used.