Flairform Pythoff 250ml

$6.00 inc. GST

Pythoff maximizes the effective working life of water and nutrient to help prevent Root browning.

Helps prevent plumbing blockages (e.g. drippers, jets, filters, pumps).

Eliminates food sources responsible for attracting Fungus Gnats.


Full product description

  • Pythoff is safe and non-toxic. Compatible with all systems and substrates
  • Non systemic: This enables dosing throughout the fruiting period, and compliance with ‘organic’ farming guidelines that prohibit the use of systemic chemicals..
  • Safe to use from seed to harvest:   Ensures maximum performance throughout
  • Note, Pythoff is not compatible with hydrogen peroxide or beneficial bacteria.  As with all products it is advisable to test compatibility prior to routine usage.
  • Easy to use: Pre-dilute with water prior to adding to the working nutrient. The nutrient pump then delivers Pythoff throughout the system.