Fan Vent Fan 150mm 37w

$70.00 inc. GST

Inline Duct Booster Exhaust Ventilation Fan – 150MM



The 150MM (6″ Inch) In-line Duct Booster Exhaust Fan is the perfect solution for grow room or grow tent ventilation. It’s quiet yet moves plenty of air. 150MM (6″ Inch) and 200MM (8″ Inch) models fit nicely onto our Inline Air Coolable Grow Light flanges and will effectively vent the air from a single grow light up to 1000 watts. Remember to pull air through (suck), rather than push air through (blow) the grow light reflector for the best performance. It also fits nicely onto our grow tent vent flanges to create a low-cost solution to forced air cooling of any sized grow tent.