Digi-Lumen Retro 600W LED – NO BALLAST

$650.00 inc. GST


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Features and Benefits over a 600 W HPS lamp include:

§  Increase light output by 60% over a HPS lamp

§  Broadens the PAR spectrum compared to a HPS lamp

§  Increases the Colour Rendering Index from 30 CRI to 80 CRI

§  Up to 1820 µmol/s on 690 W Super Lumen setting using a Digi-Lumen E Ballast

§  Decreases radiant heat compared to a HPS lamp

§  Lower canopy temperatures for improved photosynthesis

§  Six bar LED distributes light evenly over a 1.5 m² area

§  Includes a 3-pin round earth plug & socket with 5 metre extension cord

 Operating procedures:

§  Dimmable to 250 W, 400 W, 600 W & Boost setting

§  To achieve maximum output, operate on the highest setting of your 600 W Electronic Ballast

§  Designed and fully tested for use with a Digi-Lumen E Ballast on Super Lumens setting (690 watts for a total output of 1820 µmol/s)