Dr Greenthumbs Root Roids – Mycorrhizae Granule 500g

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Root Roids Granules are the perfect partner to give your garden a boost of probiotic & symbiotic fungi to increase disease resistance, root development, and overall plant vigor.


Full product description

  • Compared to regular inoculants, Root Roids Granules are easy to disperse and are completely dust-free. Gardeners can enjoy less time mixing up liquid inoculants and simply broadcast directly to their garden, or scratch into the surface of their existing containers. Our specialized granule carrier also acts as a long-term home for other beneficial bacteria, along with the ability to hold excess nutrients in the root zone.

    Outcompete & eliminate detrimental organisms using a powerful fungus that lives locally on plant roots. This fungus known as Mycorrhizae will live in the rootzone transferring nutrients and water to the plant in a mutual exchange.

    Designed to be incorporated into new & existing potting soils, or broadcast with your favorite fertilizer blend like Dr Greenthumbs GreenSpace Slow Release prills.

How To Use

Use 1 to 2 scoops and spread it evenly under & around the root ball.
3 to 4 scoops can be used for larger transplants with no risk of burn.

Existing Soils
Use 1 to 2 scoops per plant, making sure to scratch into the soil surface.
May be applied with compost or broadcast with your favorite fertilizer blend at a rate of 50g per m2.
Do not leave exposed to the sun.

New Soils & Potting Media
Mix 50g of Root Roids Granules with 50L of potting media.
May be used in propagation with no risk of burning young plants.

Reapply every month in the active growing season, and bimonthly during periods of inactive growth for maximum results.

Ingredients; Rhizophagus irregularis @ 260 propagules per gram + natural carrier.