Cronk Nutrients Sticky Bandit Plant Food Carbohydrate 1 Ltr

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Cronk Sticky Bandit

Maximize the flavour, aroma, and potency of your plants while also feeding beneficial bacteria in the root zone and conserving your plant’s energy for increased fruit and flower production.


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  • Boost Aroma, Flavour, & Essential oils: Terpenes are plants flavour, aroma, and essential oils. This is possible due to the abundance of carbohydrates, saccharide energy, and microbe food found in Sticky Bandit.
  • Plant Carbohydrate Source: Our Sticky Bandit mixture includes a high concentration of carbohydrates and energy, making it ideal for organic soil and all indoor or outdoor plants.
  • Increase Resin Production – By adding a boost of concentrated plant carbohydrates to your fertilizer regimen, these advanced nutrients will help your plant focus its energy on creating more essential plant resin & essential oils
  • Suitable for soil, hydroponic, and coco cultivation: Sticky Bandit is great for a variety of growing mediums, including hydroponics and aquaponics, coco mixes, organic soil, and potting soil for indoor plants.
  • Increased crop yield: High carbohydrates promote better crop yield and size by ensuring proper nutrition for the plants. Our potent solution also aids in the plant’s natural capacity to enhance resin production during the flowering stage.