Cronk Bonnie Autoflower Veg 1 Ltr

$30.00 inc. GST

Cronk’s AutoFlower Nutrient Bonnie 

Pair with Cronk Clyde AutoFlower Bloom

Bonnie gets right to work to build a strong foundation to ensure a big yield. With auto-flowers sometimes feeding them too much or too little of certain nutrients can cause the plant not to get as big and start to flower too early.

Clyde brings out those beautiful colour’s and smells we all love so much! He uses the work Bonnie did at the start to finish off the job. With auto flowers, the number one mistake growers make is not feeding them enough during this stage.


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Meet Bonnie, the expertly crafted nutrient blend for autoflower’s that’s designed to establish a robust foundation, paving the way for a bountiful harvest. Autoflowers require precise care, as the wrong nutrient balance can lead to stunted growth or premature flowering. Bonnie is here to make sure your plants stay on track, ensuring they grow well and flower at the right time. With Bonnie by your side, your autoflower’s will thrive, and you can look forward to a successful harvest.