The SuperTechLED CommandShuttle 250 (500w Output)

$750.00 inc. GST

The CommandShuttle 250 is a 4 bar 250 Watt agricultural grade grow fixture. Ideal for even coverage over a 1m x 1m area.

This light features full spectrum control and can be manually adjusted with the 3 dials or can be fully controlled via the optional touch screen command unit. This light is equipped with premium components including Samsung LM301H diodes and Meanwell drivers to ensure maximum output per watt and maximum reliability.


Full product description

The veg channel is full spectrum and rich in blue. The bloom channel is also full spectrum but rich in red and far-red. The UV channel provides UVA and near-blue spectrum for a superior finish. This is achieved via five diode types including Samsung LM301H (3 K & 5 K), Osram 660 nm Hyper Red, Osram 730 nm Far-Red and Seoul 395 UV.

The light bars clip in and out without the need to connect multiple cables. Each fixture daisy chains to the next for single cable ‘plug and play’ connection. The built-in micro reflectors ensure increased light intensity, deeper penetration, and more even light distribution to the plant canopy.