Shade Adjust-A-Wing Large.

$170.00 inc. GST

Adjust-A-Wings are made from the highest quality materials, including glass coated flexible aluminium (95% reflective) and colour bonded spring steel (indestructible). These reflectors are precision tools designed to provide years of diligent service. They are supplied unassembled in discreet, space efficient packaging that is resistant to damage.


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Their reflective curves are formed on assembly via a unique process where resistance (a property inherent to the sheet metal components) and tension (the force applied by the adjustment components) are kept in constant balance across the “wing span”. From this relationship, strength, rigidity, and (best of all) adjustability are born without the need to incorporate bulky reinforcements or gross mechanisation. While Resistance is greater than and opposite to Tension, smooth precise dual – parabolic curves are formed that reflect light in efficient uniform patterns. This “minimalist” design does not require reflector end-plates to maintain its shape, therefore airflow around the lamp and wings is uninhibited, significantly reducing heat build up within the reflector and the entire grow-room. Hence the Adjust-A-Wings are capable of producing a “cool” broad even spread of light, with unmatched power and efficiency, for a wide range of applications.