5 Gallon Bubble Bags Extraction Kit (5pcs)

$65.00 inc. GST

  • 5-gallon capacity extraction bag
  • Durable and waterproof
  • With included dust bag and pressing screen
  • Can make high-quality extracted herb oil
  • Item Size: 43 x 30 cm


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5 Gallon Bubble Bags Extraction Kit

Do you have a thing about herbs? Do you like growing them up in your garden at home or purchasing essential oils? You can now make your own herbal extracts with the 5 Gallon Bubble Bags Extraction Kit! This set has 5 bags included with different uses which can help you extract pure oil herbs! A very exciting thing to do if you love gardening and making your own natural herb medicines.

Using pure essential oils are famous nowadays. There are really a lot of uses for herbal oils. Mostly you can see them advertised on air purifiers and some are in roller form for applying easily directly on the skin. Making your own oil can be fun and will surely save you more money in the long run! You can make your own oil from your own planted herbs with the use of this extraction bags kit! This is a great choice if you are looking for something different to do as a hobby.

Durable and High-quality

Each sack is made with a waterproof coated nylon material which makes it durable and of excellent quality. If you can use every piece correctly, each bag can last you for long years of use! Each bag has different specifications and differs in its extraction capability. If you notice, each bag has different colors which indicate its specificity. Each bag will help you achieve to extract the herb effectively! This set also includes a storage bag to keep everything all together and clean if not in use. Each bag also has a built-in cord which is made flexible for easy binding when the bag is filled up.

  • Purple – 25 micron – has the highest quality of extracting capability
  • Yellow – 73 micron
  • Orange – 120 micron
  • Red – 160 micron
  • Blue  -220 micron
  • 20 x 20 pressing screen – 25 micron